Ahhh, summer!

How I love summer. I am not a big fan of heat or humidity but I do love the energy of summer.  I am working on trying to focus more on the season, the phases of the moon and the passage of time/cycles of nature. I have never been big on astrology but since we are part of nature then it seems to make sense to pay attention and understand these cycles that affect us.

I used to think that I was a religious person but I realized that I am a lot more spiritual than religious. Following the seasons seems like sort of a spiritual practice to me. We are all connected and the passage of time and changing seasons affects us all. Summer solstice seems like the epitiome of summer to me-not the first day of summer. With this being the longest day of summer-I need to do more research and see how all of this is determined.

Actually I think it is determined by the moon somehow and this year we were lucky enough to have the full moon on the longest day of summer. I made sure to take the time to appreciate both of these things. I was up early to watch the sunrise and I spent time outside at night to enjoy the beauty of the moon. I made suntea to capture the energy of the sun and I set out blue bottles to capture the energy of the moon.

We had a beautiful cookout with lots of vegetables and a watermelon-the perfect summer fruit. As I said before I am not really religious. We stopped celebrating Christmas a year or two ago. Instead we celebrate winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. I have also realized I am not a patriotic person. I see us all as citizens of the world rather than member of particular countries. I love the 4th of July a lot because of BBQ with friends or family and I have always loved fireworks so next year I plan to get fireworks for summer solstice and add that to my celebration. I also want to go to a lake on that day and spend time in some water.

Spirituality is a beautiful thing. Finding our way, seeing our connection to everything and taking the time to celebrate things that remind us that life is precious and it is fleeting. I encourage you to think about what reminds you of those things and find a way to celebrate it with others. The next event that I will celebrate will be the equinox-where the day and night are the same length. I love the physical reminders of the passage of time rather than just watching it on a calendar. This moves me and reminds me. Make the most of the season.