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Month: June 2016

Summer Solstice

Ahhh, summer! How I love summer. I am not a big fan of heat or humidity but I do love the energy of summer.  I am working on trying to focus more on the season, the phases of the moon and the passage of time/cycles of nature. I have never been big on astrology but since we are part of nature then it seems to make sense to pay attention and understand these cycles that affect us. I used to think that I was a religious person but I realized that I am a lot more spiritual than religious....

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As someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life I understand that anxiety isn’t a really good description of what goes on. Terror more accurately fits what I feel sometimes. I bring this up because of the shooting that occurred in Florida last night. This takes me back to the years when my anxiety blossomed into full time terror. This world is a scary place. I think that it probably always has been and from the way it looks now-it will continue to be scary for a long time. I was raising young children when...

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