I was doing really well for a long time.

I had been watching my diet and was really feeling better. I wasn’t eating flour, sugar, fried food, junk food and no preprepared food. Not only that but I didn’t use the holidays as an excuse to go crazy for a month. I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner and a nice Christmas dinner but even those were pretty healthy.

Then on top of that I didn’t wait for the New Year to start exercising. I had been doing yoga for quite a few months. I added walking in after Christmas. I was doing good and feeling it.

And then we celebrated New Years Eve. And my daughters 35th birthday. I always feel like if I don’t partake of all of the goodies that I will spoil other peoples fun. Or, that is what I tell myself.

So for New Years Eve I had pizza and lava cakes, diet soda and rum… and a few cookies.

I tell myself that these things don’t matter. It’s just one evening. Holy Cow. I was wrong. I am not sure if it is because I had been doing so much better, or if its because I am older and my body doesn’t tolerate things as well. Maybe it has nothing to do with my diet but that is sure a big coincidence that I am having a huge flare now.

New Years Day my kidney hurt. The next day my muscles and joints hurt and I was having bad muscle spasms. My legs were swollen. Today I am nauseated.

The thing with stagnation is that when you finally get things moving, it doesn’t take much to stop things up again. And so, even though I was in pain, on New Years Day I went on a walk. Yesterday I almost made myself go on a walk but I knew that things were bad enough that if I pushed myself that I could end up in a real mess so I skipped the walk and did some self massage and drank a lot of water. Today, I walked and am pushing fluids.

The point of all of this is that we have to evaluate where we are. When we mess up we have to learn how to recover. We need to make the mess ups farther apart and not as bad.

I don’t feel bad that I celebrated with my family. I am actually glad that I feel this crappy. It is a good reminder that doing the right things makes me feel better and being this uncomfortable really¬†makes me want to learn new ways to celebrate.