I can’t remember where I read this but I was reading about Sufi healing and, in their model, all illness is seen as coming from stagnation. I thought that was really interesting. As I thought about my life and my problems that made sense to me.

I have had a lot of pain in my life. I started having back and knee issues as a teenager. By the time that I was 30 I needed a total knee replacement, had fibromyalgia and I was told I would need spinal surgery sometime in the future. Since I was so young, they wouldn’t do the knee surgery for me-Most people have that done after they are 60 and they wanted me to be at least 50 before they would do it. When I was 40 both knees needed replaced and still they wouldn’t do it.

Soon I was walking with a cane, sometimes a walker and using the little carts to ride in at the grocery store. When a person is in that sort of constant pain for that long-they try hard not to move to prevent increasing the pain. So I put on weight, got less and less mobile and more and more depressed.

As time goes on isolation happens.

Stagnation. Decreased circulation. Decreased breathing. Decreased thoughts. Thoughts focused on pain and how to avoid it. Decreased interaction with others.

If you imagine a swamp, which is what I think of when I think of stagnation, you get a totally different feeling than you get when you think of a running creek or river. One is dark and sort of scary and the other is bright and full of life and joy.

This past year things started changing. I had been working on making changes for a long time, but 2016 was the year that it seemed like things started moving in a more positive direction and I believe that is because, without really thinking about it, I was moving stagnation out.

As we life our lives we develop patterns and these patterns can either be stagnant, depressing and limiting or they can be flowing and life affirming. This year I am focusing on moving stagnation out of my life.

This blog is one of the ways I plan to work on this. I started this about 8 months ago. I have done a little with it here and there but for the most part this blog has been sort of stagnant. Not much activity and little progress.

As with anything else, with attention and care, this blog can thrive and grow.

Welcome to 2017.