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Wonderful life lessons can come from anywhere. Sometimes they come from pretty strange places. My kids and I are watching Bates Motel, a TV series on Netflix. It is the story of how Norman Bates, the freaky murderer in the old movie Psycho, came to be how he was. Its pretty graphic at times, they throw in some humor and it can get really intense. I have a new favorite character in the show. His name is Chick and I hadn’t really liked him before. In the episode I am referring to, Norma Bates-one of the lead characters, had...

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The Lost is Found

The other day I decided to make another website. I was really excited about it. The night that I started the new one I wondered if I would work on this one any more. The next day I came to this site and in the process of creating the new site, something happened to this domain and suddenly it was totally inaccessible. It’s funny how people take things for granted that are there all of the time. Suddenly when this was gone I realized that it is still important to me. Yesterday I was working on the new website but in the back of my mind this one was calling me so this morning I called my hosting provider and they straightened it out. What was lost has been found. It’s sort of like health. We don’t appreciate it when we have it. It often takes a dramatic health crisis for people to appreciate the health that they have always had. Share...

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I was doing really well for a long time. I had been watching my diet and was really feeling better. I wasn’t eating flour, sugar, fried food, junk food and no preprepared food. Not only that but I didn’t use the holidays as an excuse to go crazy for a month. I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner and a nice Christmas dinner but even those were pretty healthy. Then on top of that I didn’t wait for the New Year to start exercising. I had been doing yoga for quite a few months. I added walking in after Christmas. I was doing good and feeling it. And then we celebrated New Years Eve. And my daughters 35th birthday. I always feel like if I don’t partake of all of the goodies that I will spoil other peoples fun. Or, that is what I tell myself. So for New Years Eve I had pizza and lava cakes, diet soda and rum… and a few cookies. I tell myself that these things don’t matter. It’s just one evening. Holy Cow. I was wrong. I am not sure if it is because I had been doing so much better, or if its because I am older and my body doesn’t tolerate things as well. Maybe it has nothing to do with my diet but that is sure a big coincidence that I...

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Breaking Stagnation

I can’t remember where I read this but I was reading about Sufi healing and, in their model, all illness is seen as coming from stagnation. I thought that was really interesting. As I thought about my life and my problems that made sense to me. I have had a lot of pain in my life. I started having back and knee issues as a teenager. By the time that I was 30 I needed a total knee replacement, had fibromyalgia and I was told I would need spinal surgery sometime in the future. Since I was so young,...

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Keepin it Real

With the thoughts of keepin it real here and showing the struggles I have been dealing with I figured I would post a reality check. Its fun and easy to post a photo that I think is a fairly good shot of me and that is just my face. Or its easy to post something where I am dancing with a lovely person and half of my body is hidden. Those are my best moments and of course, those are what we are all used to seeing, and what we all want to share of ourselves. There aren’t many...

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