Today I saw my second sunrise of this week.

Yesterday my son knocked on my bedroom door early in the morning and asked me to come see something. I had been reading and was taking my time and he held out his hand and said, “Come on, you are going to want to see this.” When I walked into our living room it seemed like it was glowing sort of pink and when I got to our patio doors I saw the loveliest sunrise.

I thought about that off and on all day yesterday. Since yesterday was the winter solstice-the longest night of the year, it was a good reminder that even in the longest, darkest times there is beauty to be found if we take the time to look for it. It also helps if we are lucky enough to have someone to help point out the beautiful moments when we are too distracted to see them.

Our days here aren’t infinite and we miss so much along the way. I am usually awake at sunrise but I am either reading a book or on the internet. I have decided that I am going to try to watch the sunrise more. A lot of them won’t be special but, like the rest of life, the majority of the days aren’t spectacular. But they are good. And they can be better with a little attention.

I am going to start focusing my attention. And my intentions. And I am starting with sunrises.