Do you often wonder,  “What’s the point of it all?” I sure have.

I am not wondering that this morning. This week is off to a wonderful start and I have learned a couple of lessons.

I struggled for years with holidays. I liked seeing people and spending time with others sometimes but I am not really a religious person and I am also not a very patriotic person. Saying that, I would classify myself as a really spiritual person and, while I am not patriotic in the sense that I view the USA as the greatest country ever-I am glad to be a citizen of this world and believe that is something to celebrate.

It’s funny. Once I started to sort my own self out, the rest of the world makes more sense to me. Leaving off religious undertones helps me to celebrate holidays in ways that have value to me. I have always loved the 4th of July. But I see it as a celebration of summer rather than an independance day celebration.

I used to go to some really big 4th of July celebrations in my town. Over time those became too much for me. I couldn’t deal well with the heat or all of the people. Often there was a lot of walking and between my weight, my bad back and my knee issues-it was really difficult. For several years either Liam and I, or Sarah, Liam and I celebrated the 4th together. We would get some fireworks and shoot them ourselves. I liked that much more than the big crowds. Last year, money was tight and we didn’t celebrate it at all and I was sad.

This year-we decided to do a fireworks display again but we also decided to share them with others. We invited a couple of friends for a cookout and then we drove out of town and did fireworks. For me, celebrating summer made a big difference. What better way to do that than with friends and beautiful explosions?

Then on Tuesday I went to a ukelele class. Holy cow that was fun. I got to borrow a ukelele so there was no financial investment. I ran into some people I knew there and that was fun.

What made this experience so awesome? I have had a guitar for years and haven’t found the motivation to learn to play it. I want a fun hobby but sitting alone and playing all of the time didn’t feel very fun. I also don’t have a lot of friends so I didn’t have anyone really to share it with or play for.

Doing this with a group of people was awesome. The first hour we played easy songs. Not many chords and not many chord changes. And we sang! I am not a good singer at all but these songs were easy and fun and since others were singing too I wasn’t self concious. I have always wanted to play music with others. There is something about everyones brains all doing the same thing at the same time that really appeals to me.

The ukelele is also just a fun instrument. It has a light fun sound. It is easy to carry. I don’t have to strain my back reaching around it. It is a simple pleasure but one that I think I am going to enjoy for a long time.

Finding ways to make the world make sense and bring joy to our lives-for me, that is the point of life. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.